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We are proud of our diverse and talented list of artists. Click the name of artists, you can learn more about them. The details of a contract vary with each artist.
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Artists who are under COMMITMENT type contract with Medialynx Japan Co., Ltd. under the Management Business Law of the Copyrights, etc.
Our Royalty Regulation registered by Japanese Cultural Bureau refers to the artists. Please contact us for more details.
Artists who are under NON-COMMITMENT type of contract with us.
Oversea artists who are under EXCLUSIVE type contract with us.
Negotiation, making contract and any other business related to exhibitions of their original art works will be handled by Medialynx Japan Co., Ltd.

We also manage the copyrights of original illustrations for 13 picture books of Andersen's fairy tales published by Shogakukan Inc. in cooperation with Medialynx Japan Co., Ltd. and original art works for "H. C. Andersen Bicentenary Birthday" memorial posters. Worldwide famous artists such as Lisbeth Zwerger, Anthony Browne, Koji Suzuki, Ib Spang Olsen, and others joined in this project.

We welcome your inquiries about the use of H. C. Andersen 200 Years Project/Asia Official Logotype as well.

In addition, we may handle copyrights of other Japanese and Asian designers and artists even though they are not on the list. Please contact us for more details. Thank you.

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Japan works
Daihachi Ohta"Kasa", "Picture Book of the Magic Monkey", "Dai-chan and Sea"
Mitsuhiro Kurokawa"Dinosaur's Continent" series
Gomi Taro"Everybody Goes to Potty", "Little Red Fish Runs a Way"
Gomi Taro"Everybody Goes to Potty", "Little Red Fish Runs a Way"
Saito Maki"Penguin Gymnasium", "Kururun in the Wood"
Sagar Jhiroh Illustrations for the Magazine, "Spa!", "Popeye", etc.
Maki Sasaki"I Am a Wolf", "The Sleepy Mouse"
Koji Suzuki"Gabrys", "What Cab is a Scab?", "I'm sorry for the delay"
Yukihiko Tajima"Sobe in the Hell", "The Catfish Rose to the Sky"
Kayako Nishimaki"My Dress", "I can wear my pants"
Akiko Hayashi"My First Shopping", "Kon and Aki"
Katsuya Hirose"Monsters in the Museum", "Dinosaurs!"
France works
Satomi Ichikawa"Dumpling Soup", "We Can Hear the Song of Spring"
Denmark works
Ib Spang Olsen"Andersen's Fairy Tales", "The Moon Child"
Pia Kryger Lakha"Thumbelina", Illustrations for the project for Bicentennial Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen
Korea works
Kang Woo-hyon"Dinosaur in Desert", "Little Monkey Goes to Search Spring"
Liu Jae-soo"The Giant who Became to the Mountain", "The Yellow Umbrella"
Taiwan works
Tsao Chun-yen"The New Year's Day", "The Little Red Taxi"
Tsung Ming-chin "Ten Brothers", "Little Whale Playing in the Sea"
Zao Bi "Mr. Spider Moved His House", "Little Mouse Comes"
Liou Bor-leh"Black Village and White Village", "The Monument of Grass Shoes"

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